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Find out if your contacts are safe from getting in to the fraudsters’ hands due to leaks in different services

We use the phone number to enter online stores and other services, and send important documents by mail. If someone gains access to these services, the data will end up in the hands of fraudsters: they will try to steal passwords and money. To avoid such a situation, we advise you to regularly check for leaks of your data regularly and change your passwords more often. With the credentials to log into these services, attackers can steal accounts, extort or steal money. Regular checking for leaks will allow you to change your password in time and outpace the fraudsters.

Where does @Quick OSINT bot get data from?

Service "Quick Osint" receives data from official state and public commercial sources, taxi registries, major banks, insurance companies and others. We also take information from the most popular search engines (Yandex, Google, Duckduckgo, Bing, TOR search), effectively composing search queries.

How to use the service?

Go to Telegram, connect the @Quick OSINT bot and send him your phone number or mail.

Service capabilities.

The bot will check leaks and find lost passwords, social networks, instant messengers, phones, groups, cars, passports, individual taxpayer numbers, Insurance numbers of individual personal accounts, how the number is written in phone books, advertisements and much more. He also knows how to display information about Bitcoin wallets and IP addresses.

As a bonus, the service contains hundreds of relevant ways to search for information in open sources, use our Wiki (enter in the bot /wiki)

Try @Quick OSINT bot
Квик Осинт Бот

Service capabilities

The service will help you find information in the following areas:

Telephone number

We will tell you who actually uses this number.


We will find how the mail owner is recorded, his passwords (we will show the part so that fraudsters will not be able to use it) and social networks


We’ll show what the owner of the required number uses for communication

Social networks

We’ll check social accounts


We’ll analyze the friends of the VK user and the cities of their residence


We will unload the public messages of the VK user


We will find information on the state number of the car or its VIN

Bitcoin wallet

We will display public information about the wallet and show its transactions

Whois & IP

We’ll show information about the site registrar and its IP addresses


We’ll find ads on sales sites, and also show how their author called himself


We’ll find social media profiles by photo


We have collected for you hundreds of relevant ways to search for information through open sources,
use our Wiki (enter /wiki in the bot)

Service geography

Our service aggregates information for all countries located in Eastern Europe

Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan


Choose a service use case

Free access


Inquiries available 0


Search by photo no

One-time requests


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Search by photo no

Premium 30

Validity 30 days

Inquiries available


Search by photo yes

Premium 180

Validity 180 days

Inquiries available


Search by photo yes

Premium 360

Validity 360 days

Inquiries available


Search by photo yes


Technical support chat for the project (write here for all questions)


Official mail for receiving applications

[email protected]

Квик Осинт Бот